What kind of editing do I need?

Overall Manuscript Evaluation

I read your completed manuscript and offer my general feedback, including weak and strong points and recommended next actions. This evaluation takes one to two weeks; at the end of that period, you will receive a letter of feedback along with your manuscript with inline comments.

Charges: $25/hour for reading the manuscript and writing up my evaluation. The average evaluation takes eight to twelve hours.

Content Editing

This is the type of editing you need if you want the overall content of your manuscript evaluated. For fiction, this type of editing includes feedback on such things as plot, characterization, and dialogue. For nonfiction, this includes feedback on structure, organization, and continuity of thought. Normally, content editing precedes copyediting.

Charges: Negotiated flat fee or $3.00 per standard, double-spaced manuscript page.


When you’re finished with your book and need an editor to check such things as grammar, spelling, and word choices, you need a copyedit. I copyedit in Microsoft Word or Pages using the Track Changes feature. I also provide a detailed style sheet.

Charges: $3.00 per standard, double-spaced manuscript page.


Proofreading is normally performed after a thorough copyedit; it simply checks for leftover errors and inconsistencies in a manuscript. A proofread generally is more superficial than a copyedit and does not include fact-checking.

Charges: $2.00 per standard, double-spaced manuscript page.